10th Panhellenic Conference on Informatics (PCI 2005)

Conference Venue: University of Thessaly (map)




FRIDAY 11/11/2005




Opening Session




SESSION 1: AI, Machine Learning & Knowledge bases I

SESSION 2: Algorithms and Theoretical Foundations I

SESSION 3: Computer and Sensor Hardware and Architecture I




SESSION 4: Signal Processing and Telecommunications

SESSION 5: Cultural and Museum Information Systems

SESSION 6: Image and Video Processing I


Coffee Break


SESSION 7: Computer and Sensor Networks I

SESSION 8: Advanced Systems and Applications

SESSION 9: Data Bases & Data Mining


Welcome Reception


SATURDAY 12/11/2005




SESSION 10: Computer and Sensor Networks II

SESSION 11: AI, Machine Learning & Knowledge bases II

SESSION 12: Bioinformatics I




Industrial Presentation: 'A Review of Microsoft Products, Strategy and Technologies', F. Draganidis, Microsoft Hellas


Invited Speakers: SESSION 1

Invited Speakers: SESSION 2




SESSION 13: Computer and Sensor Networks III

SESSION 14: E-business

SESSION 15: Languages, Text and Speech Processing

Educational Technologies Workshop I


Coffee Break


SESSION 16: Image and Video Processing II

SESSION 17: Modeling & Information Retrieval

SESSION 18: Bioinformatics II

Educational Technologies Workshop II


Tutorial: 'Virtual Reality Systems and Applications', A. Gaitatzes, VR Dept., Foundation of the Hellenic World




SUNDAY 13/11/2005




SESSION 19: Internet-scale Software/Information Systems I

SESSION 20: Medical Information Systems

SESSION 21: Wearable and Mobile Computing

SESSION 22: Educational Technologies I




SESSION 23: Internet-scale Software/Information Systems II

SESSION 24: Computer Security

SESSION 25: Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality & Visualization

SESSION 26: Educational Technologies II




SESSION 27: Software Engineering I

SESSION 28: Algorithms and Theoretical Foundations II

SESSION 29: Computer and Sensor Hardware and Architecture II

SESSION 30: Data & Web Mining


Coffee Break


SESSION 31: Software Engineering II

SESSION 32: Algorithms and Theoretical Foundations III

SESSION 33: Computer Science and Information Theory


Closing Session









'Kordatou' Theatre

'Saratsi' Theatre

Room ''

'Skouvara' Room




Opening Address

E. Houstis, U. of Thessaly, Greece


I. Tsoukalas, GSRT, Greece


N. Ioannidis, EPY Chair, Greece

Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems (DDDAS)

F. Darena, NSF, USA

European Research & Technological Development: what Impact on other EU policies

V. Laopodis, EC, Information Society Policy Link Initiative Coordinator

The EU Research Infrastructures driving Research and pioneering the next generation of ICT-Infrastructures in Europe

K. Baxevanidis, EC, Deputy Head, DG Information Society and Media



Challenges in Text Mining for Biology

 Jun'ichi Tsujii, U. of Tokyo (Japan) and U. of Manchester (UK)

Algorithms in Bioinformatics

A. Tsakalidis, U. of Patras

Some Computational Linear Algebra Algorithms and Tools for Information Retrieval

S. Gallopoulos, U. of Patras

Analytic Algorithmics, Combinatorics, and Information Theory

W. Szpankowski, Purdue U.



Digitization and Technological Applications to Culture

Th. Papatheodorou, U. of Patras

Computer Security

M. Atallah, Purdue U.

Network Congestion Games

P. Spirakis, U. of Patras

On The Future of Data Cybrerinfrastructure: Issues and Challenges

F. Makedon, Office of Cyber-Infrastructure, NSF



Welcome Reception: November 11, 21.30

Greek Taverna 'To Kanaraki', Kyprou, 93-95 (Transportation included, from the Conference Venue)

Banquet: November 12, 21.30

Hotel 'Volos Palace', Xenofontos Str. & Thrakon


SESSION 1: AI, Machine Learning & Knowledge bases I

Bagging Model Trees for Classification Problems

S.B. Kotsiantis, G.E. Tsekouras, and P.E. Pintelas

On the Utility of Incremental Feature Selection for the Classification of Textual Data Streams

I. Katakis, G. Tsoumakas, and I. Vlahavas

Gossip-based Greedy Gaussian Mixture Learning

N. Vlassis, Y. Sfakianakis, and W. Kowalczyk

Identification of Knowledge Brokers in OSS Projects Mailing Lists through Social and Collaborative Networks

S.K. Sowe, and I. Stamelos


SESSION 2: Algorithms and Theoretical Foundations I

A Primal-Dual Algorithm for Online Non-Uniform Facility Location

D. Fotakis

Routing and Wavelength Assignment in Generalized WDM Tree Networks of Bounded Degree

E. Ioannidis, Ch. Nomikos, A. Pagourtzis, and S. Zachos

Maximum-size Subgraphs of P4-sparse Graphs admitting a Perfect Matching

S.D. Nikolopoulos, and L. Palios

Boundary labeling of optimal total leader length

M. Bekos, M. Kaufmann, K.Potika, and A. Symvonis


SESSION 3: Computer and Sensor Hardware and Architecture I

A Quantum Computer Architecture based on semiconductor recombination statistics

D. Ntalaperas, K. Theodoropoulos, A. Tsakalidis, and N. Konofaos

TSIC: Thermal Scheduling Simulator for Chip Multiprocessors

K. Stavrou, and P. Trancoso

Tuning Blocked Array Layouts to Exploit Memory Hierarchy

E. Athanasaki, K. Kourtis, N. Anastopoulos, and N. Koziris

Reducing TPC-H Benchmarking Time

P. Trancoso, Ch. Adamou, and H. Vandierendonck


SESSION 4: Signal Processing and Telecommunications

A Low Complexity Turbo Equalizer

D. Ampeliotis, and K. Berberidis

Bit Error Rate Calculation for DS-CDMA Systems with WDS in the Presence of Rayleigh Fading and Power-Control Error

I. Develi, C. Ciftlikli, and A. Bagis

Multivariate AR Model Order Estimation with Unknown Process Order

S.Sp. Pappas, A.K. Leros, and S.K. Katsikas

Channel-Aware Rate-Control for Real-Time Video Transmission over Wireless Networks

J.-W. Yun, H.-S. Kim, J.-W. Kim, Y.-Gi Jeon, and S.-J. Ko


SESSION 5: Cultural and Museum Information Systems

Virtual Reality Systems and Applications: The Ancient Olympic Games

A. Gaitatzes, D. Christopoulos, and G. Papaioannou

Auction Scenarios of Cultural Products over the WWW

D. Koukopoulos

Exploring Cultural Information Interaction Design: A Case Study of a Multimedia Exhibition based on Customizable User Interfaces

G. Pehlivanides

Using Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) to enhance the Museum visit experience

K. Micha, and D. Economou


SESSION 6: Image and Video Processing I

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights using the JPEG2000 Coding Standard

B. Vassiliadis, A. Ilias, V. Fotopoulos, and A.N. Skodras

Computationally efficient image mosaicing using spanning tree representations

N. Nikolaidis, and I. Pitas

An MPEG-7 Based Description Scheme For Video Analysis using Anthropocentric Video Content Descriptors

N. Vretos, V. Solachides, and I. Pitas


SESSION 7: Computer and Sensor Networks I

Source-Based Minimum Cost Multicasting:Intermediate-Node Selection with Potentially Low Cost

G. Jho, M. Kim, and H. Choo

Efficient Active Clustering of Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

D. Gavalas, G. Pantziou, Ch. Konstantopoulos, and B. Mamalis

Evaluation of Audio Streaming for Secure Wireless Access Network

B. Vaidya, J.W. Kim, P.Y. Pyun, J.A. Park and S.J. Han

Reliable Transmission Using Intermediate Sink or Source Nodes in Sensor Networks

B.-H. Lee, H.-W. Yoon, J. Park, M.Y. Chung, and T.-J. Lee

Improving Fairness of TFRC Based on Dynamic Loss Rate

K.Y. Lee, Y.W. Ho


SESSION 8: Advanced Systems and Applications

Trial Evaluation of Wireless Info-Communication and Indoor Location-Based Services in Exhibition Shows

A.G. Pateli, G.M. Giaglis, and D.D. Spinellis

Usability evaluation of handheld devices

A.G. Stoica, G. Fiotakis, J.S. Cabrera, H.M. Frutos, N. Avouris, and Y. Dimitriadis

Context-awareness in M-commerce: Supporting Customization and Personalization

Ch.K. Georgiadis, and A. Manitsaris

BioGrid: An Agent-Based Metacomputing Ecosystem

Ch. Dimou, and P.A. Mitkas


SESSION 9: Data Bases & Data Mining

Closest Pair Queries with Spatial Constraints

A.N. Papadopoulos, A. Nanopoulos, and Y. Manolopoulos

Database Support for Data Mining Patterns

E. Kotsifakos, I. Ntoutsi, and Y. Theodoridis

Visual Techniques for the Interpretation of Data Mining Outcomes

I. Kopanakis, N. Pelekis, H. Karanikas, and Th. Mavroudakis

Towards In-Situ Data Storage in Sensor Databases

D. Zeinalipour-Yazti, V. Kalogeraki, D. Gunopulos, A. Mitra, and W. Najjar

Understanding Java Source Code by Using Data Mining Clustering

D. Rousidis, and Ch. Tjortjis


SESSION 10: Computer and Sensor Networks II

A Novel Heuristic Routing Algorithm Using Simulated Annealing in Ad-Hoc Networks

L. Liu, and G. Feng

Balancing HTTP Traffic using Dynamically Updated Weights, an Implementation Approach

A. Karakos, D. Patsas, A. Bornea, and S. Kontogiannis

Efficient Support of Full Interactive Wireless Media Communications

K.E Psannis, and Y. Ishibashi

A low-cost MAC Classification Engine

V. Papaefstathiou, and I. Papaefstathiou


SESSION 11: AI, Machine Learning & Knowledge bases II

Using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps as a Decision Support System for Political Decisions: The Case of Turkey's Integration into the European Union

A.K. Tsadiras, and I. Kouskouvelis

Inter-organizational Knowledge Discovery, Retrieval and Composition with Semantic Web Services

P. Georgolios, K. Kafentzis, and G. Mentzas

A Knowledge Management Architecture for 3D Shapes and Applications

M. Pitikakis, C. Houstis, G. Vasilakis, and M. Vavalis

Intelligent Stock Market Assistant using Temporal Data Mining

G. Marketos, K. Pediaditakis, Y. Theodoridis, and B. Theodoulidis


SESSION 12: Bioinformatics I

Initial Experiences Porting a Bioinformatics Application to a Graphics Processor

M. Charalambous, P. Trancoso, and A. Stamatakis

Improving the Accuracy of Classifiers for the Prediction of Translation Initiation Sites in Genomic Sequences

G. Tzanis, Ch. Berberidis, A. Alexandridou, and I. Vlahavas

A New Test System for Stability Measurement of Marker Gene Selection in DNA Microarray Data Analysis

F. Xiong, H. Huang, J. Ford, .S. Makedon, and J.D. Pearlman

Protein Classification with Multiple Algorithms

S. Diplaris, G. Tsoumakas, P.A. Mitkas, and I. Vlahavas


SESSION 13: Computer and Sensor Networks III

A multi-criteria message forwarding architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks

M. Athanassoulis, I. Alagiannis, and St. Hadjiefthymiades

Modeling and Efficient Handling of Handoffs for Multi Service Wireless Networks

D.D. Vergados, and A. Sgora

Net_CA: A Tool for Simulation and Modeling of Wired/Wireless Computer Networks based on Cellular Automata

V. Mardiris, G.Ch. Sirakoulis, Ch. Mizas, I. Karafyllidis, and A. Thanailakis

A framework for Corporate Incident Response

S. Mitropoulos, D. Patsos, and Ch. Douligeris


SESSION 14: E-business

From e-Business to Business Transformation

Ch. Nikolaou, J. Sairamesh, and M. Stolze

Trust, Privacy and Security in E-business: Requirements and Solutions

S.K. Katsikas, J. Lopez, and G. Pernul

Adoption of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems in Greece

A.K. Poulymenakou, and S.A. Borotis

Supply Chains of the Future and Emerging Consumer-Based Electronic Services

G. Doukidis, and K. Pramatari


SESSION 15: Languages, Text and Speech Processing

Developing a Robust Part-of-Speech Tagger for Biomedical Text

Y. Tsuruoka, Y. Tateishi, J.-D. Kim, T. Ohta, J. McNaught, S. Ananiadou, and J. Tsujii

Weaving Aspect-Oriented Constraints into Metamodel-Based Model Transformation Steps

L. Lengyel, T. Levendovszky, and H. Charaf

A Modelling Language and Tool for P Systems

I. Stamatopoulou, P. Kefalas, G. Eleftherakis, and M. Gheorghe

The OMPi OpenMP/C Compiler

V.V. Dimakopoulos, and A. Georgopoulos

A Visualization-based Approach to Web Information Mining Utilizing Natural Language Processing

H. Mima, and S. Ananiadou


SESSION 16: Image and Video Processing II

Detecting Abnormalities in Capsule Endoscopic Images by Textural Description and Neural Networks

V.S. Kodogiannis, E. Wadge, M. Boulougoura, and K. Christou

Unsupervised Learning of Multiple Aspects of Moving Objects from Video

M.K. Titsias, and C.K. I. Williams

The Feature Vector Selection for Robust Multiple Face Detection

S.-I. Lee, and D.-G. Kim


SESSION 17: Modeling & Information Retrieval

A Graphical Rule Authoring Tool for Defeasible Reasoning in the Semantic Web

N. Bassiliades, E. Kontopoulos, G. Antoniou, and I. Vlahavas

Validating and Ordering Metamodel-Based Transformation Rules

T. Levendovszky, L. Lengyel, and H. Charaf

Animating Formal Models in a Communicating Sequential Process Platform

I. Sakellariou, G. Eleftherakis, I. Vlahavas, and P. Kefalas

The Semantic Web Technology for Improving Existent Information Retrieval Systems

Ph. Andon, and V. Deretsky


SESSION 18: Bioinformatics II

Computational Identification of Regulatory Factors involved in microRNA Transcription

P. Sethupathy, M. Megraw, M.I. Barrasa, and A.G. Hatzigeorgiou

Detecting periodicities in biological sequences

D. Antoniou, C. Makris, Y. Panagis, K. Perdikuri, E. Theodoridis, and A. Tsakalidis

A Hybrid Knowledge-Driven Approach to Clustering Gene Expression Data

S.C. Denaxas, and C. Tjortjis

Cellular Automata Evolution for Backtracking the DNA Sequence Evolution

Ch. Mizas, G.Ch. Sirakoulis, V. Mardiris, I. Karafyllidis, and Adonios Thanailakis


SESSION 19: Internet-scale Software/Information Systems I

Epidemic Collaborative Geocast for Reliable Segmented File Sharing in Mobile Peer-to-Peer Devices

C.X. Mavromoustakis, and H.D. Karatza

Investigating Factors Influencing the Response Time in ASP.NET Web Applications

. Bogardi-Meszoly, Z. Szitas, T. Levendovszky, and H. Charaff

Storing and Locating Mutable data in Structured Peer-to-Peer Overlay Networks

A. Chazapis, and N. Koziris

Scenario networks: Specifying user interfaces using extended use cases

D. Akoumianakis, and I. Pachoulakis


SESSION 20: Medical Information Systems

Web Services Enabled Grid-based Platform for Drug Resistance Management

P. Gouvas, G. Magiorkinis, A. Bouras, D. Paraskevis, D. Alexandrou, A. Hatzakis, and G. Mentzas

Breast Cancer Disease Free Survival Time Probabilistic Estimations with Neural Networks

I. Anagnostopoulos, I. Maglogiannis, and Ch. Anagnostopoulos

A Novel Deformable Model for Medical US Image Segmentation

M.A. Savelonas, D.E. Maroulis, D.K. Iakovidis, and  S.A. Karkanis


SESSION 21: Wearable and Mobile Computing

Middleware for Building Ubiquitous Computing Applications Using Distributed Objects

N. Drossos, E. Christopoulou, and A. Kameas

A Suffix Tree Based Prediction Scheme for Pervasive Computing Environments

D. Katsaros, and Y. Manolopoulos

Factors that Influence the Effectiveness of Mobile Advertising: The Case of SMS

D. Drossos, and G.M. Giaglis

An Improved HCI Method and Information Input Device Using Gloves for Wearable Computers

J.-H. Shin, and K.-S. Hong


SESSION 22: Educational Technologies I

Teaching Programming with Robots: A Case Study in Greek Secondary Education

M. Satratzemi, V. Dagdilelis, and K. Kagani

ASPIS: An automated information system for certification and analysis of examination process

G. Katsikis, N. Mengoudis, A. Nanopoulos, I. Samoladas, and I. Stamelos

Bridging the Distance: the e-CASE Learning Environment for Supporting Students Context Awareness

S.N. Demetriadis, P.M. Papadopoulos, and I.A. Tsoukalas

Designing Mobile Learning Experiences

Ch. Karagiannidis, and G. Vavoula


SESSION 23: Internet-scale Software/Information Systems II

Performance Analysis of Overheads for Matrix - Multiplication in Cluster Environment

P.D. Michailidis, V. Stefanidis, and K.G. Margaritis

Experience in Parallelizing a CFD Solver for Execution in a Parallel Environment

Z. Vahostergios, A. Sotiropoulos, K. Yakinthos, and A. Goulas

Evaluating User Effort in Greek Web Searching

F. Lazarinis

Heuristics for Content Placement and Discovery in CDNs

Y. Matalas, N.D. Dragios, and G.T. Karetsos


SESSION 24: Computer Security

CryptoPalm: A Cryptographic Library for PalmOS

G.C. Alexandridis, A.G. Voyiatzis, and D.N. Serpanos

On The Importance of Header Classification in HW/SW Network Intrusion

V. Dimopoulos, G. Papadopoulos, and D. Pnevmatikatos

NGCE - Network Graphs for Computer Epidemiologists

V. Vlachos, V. Vouzi, D. Chatziantoniou, and D. Spinellis

Workflow based Security Incident Management

M. A. Belsis, A. Simitsis, and S. Gritzalis

A Deterministic Approach to Balancedness and Run Quantification in Pseudorandom Pattern Generators

A. Fúster-Sabater, and P. Caballero-Gil


SESSION 25: Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality & Visualization

Efficient parameterization of 3-D point sets based on dynamic base surfaces

Ph. Azariadis, and N. Sapidis

Interactive Dynamics for Large Virtual Reality Applications

G. Papaioannou

A Pictorial Human Computer Interaction to query Geographical Data

F. Ferri, P. Grifoni, and M. Rafanelli


SESSION 26: Educational Technologies II

On the Personalization of an E-learning Environment in Higher Education using Graphs

L. Drossos, B. Vassiliadis, E. Sakkopoulos, K. Votis, A. Stefani, A. Tsakalidis, M. Xenos, and S. Likothanassis

Designing multimedia instruction in Art Education

G. Kekkeris, and I. Paliokas

Digital Libraries for Earth System Science: Enabling a Paradigm Shift in Geomatics Engineering Education.

D. Delikaraoglou, N. Kalogeropoulos, J. Tzigounakis, and G. Souris

Assessment Methods for Distance Learning Environments

A. Angeletou, S. Angeletou, M. Rigou, S. Sirmakessis, and A. Tsakalidis


SESSION 27: Software Engineering I

The Enhancement of Class model development using business rules

T. Skersys, and S. Gudas

Limitations Surrounding Certificate Handling on Smart Cards

K. Rantos

Colored Petri Net based verification of information flow security in distributed object systems

P. Katsaros


SESSION 28: Algorithms and Theoretical Foundations II

Successive Linear Programs for Computing all Integral Points in a Minkowski Sum

I.Z. Emiris, and K. Zervoudakis

The contribution of Game Theory to Complex Systems

S. Kontogiannis, and P. Spirakis

Estimated Path Selection for the Delay Constrained Least Cost Path

M. Kim, Y.-C. Bang, and H. Choo

Finding Feasible Pathways in Metabolic Networks

E. Pitkänen, A. Rantanen, J. Rousu, and E. Ukkonen


SESSION 29: Computer and Sensor Hardware and Architecture II

Hardware Support for Multithreaded Execution of Loops with Limited Parallelism

G. Dimitriou, and C.D. Polychronopoulos

A Low Power VLSI architecture for Intra Prediction in H.264

G. Stamoulis, M. Koziri, I. Katsavounidis, and N. Bellas

A Tool for Calculating Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks

G. Dimitriou, P.K. Kikiras, G.I. Stamoulis, and I.N. Avaritsiotis

Optimization of a robotic contact task using fuzzy force control

K. Burn, and Th. Giompliakis

Design and Development of Microprocessor-Based Flow Controller for a Lime Delivery System

G.K. Adam


SESSION 30: Data & Web Mining

A Density-based Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm

L. Baltunas, J. Gordevicius, M. Halkidi, and M. Vazirgiannis

Sequential Pattern Mining Using Finite State Machine-based Approach

R. Ivancsy, S. Juhasz, and I. Vajk

Exploring Interactivity in Online Newspapers: A Look at the Greek Web Landscape

P.-L. Spyridou, A. Veglis, and A. Pomportsis

Techniques for Parallel Mining of Association Rules

A. Pagourtzis, D. Souliou, and P. Tsanakas


SESSION 31: Software Engineering II

A Novel Approach to Automated Design Pattern Detection

N. Tsantalis, A. Chatzigeorgiou, S.T. Halkidis, and G. Stephanides

Supporting Test Case Generation for Extreme Programming: a Novel Approach

D. Dranidis, and K. Tigka

Duration analysis of software projects

L. Angelis, and P. Sentas


SESSION 32: Algorithms and Theoretical Foundations III

One-Dimensional Finger searching in RAM model revisited

S. Sioutas, Y. Panagis, E. Theodoridis, and A. Tsakalidis

How to place efficiently Guards and Paintings in an Art Gallery

C. Fragoudakis, E. Markou, and S. Zachos

An Effective Routing Algorithm for Chordal Ring of Degree Six

A. Abbas, M.Othman, M. Selamat, and R. Johari


SESSION 33: Computer Science and Information Theory Workshop


L. Georgiadis, Invited Organizer

A Short Overview of Research Directions in Network Coding

Ch. Fragouli

Combining Information From Different Sources: Some Surprising Phenomena

I. Kontoyiannis and B. Lucena

Information propagation in Extremely Mobile Networks Analogy with sound propagation in physics

Ph. Jacquet


Educational Technologies Workshop I

How to use technology to promote conceptual change

S. Vosniadou, Invited Organizer

Web-based Adaptive Educational Systems

M. Grigoriadou

Designing and evaluating Collaborative learning environments

N. Avouris


Educational Technologies Workshop II

The field of Interaction Analysis Supporting participants' Self regulation during technology based learning activities: Actual state and perspectives

A. Dimitracopoulou

ASK-LDT: A Web-Based Learning Scenarios Authoring Environment based on IMS Learning Design

Demetrios Sampson

Multiple and Linked Representation Systems in the Design of Problem Solving Learning Environments

M. Kordaki